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Welcome to the Mathematics department at Wallington County Grammar School

 Mathematics Department Expectations


Students are expected to work at their Maths beyond the classroom for a substantial amount of time each week. The following is a guideline for the amount of time they are expected to work on their Maths at home:

Y7 & 8: 1.5 hours each week

Y9, 10 & 11: 2 hours each week

This work to be completed in this time will not all be set by the teacher but will be made up as follows and should be completed in this order of priority:

1) Written work set by the teacher

2) Myimaths or other computer based homeworks set by the teacher

3) Additional revision and consolidation work to be determined by the student. Suggested examples are

a) Myimaths: working through lessons, completing homeworks and booster packs in addition to those set

b) Additional written work, for example exercises from the textbook on topics previously covered in class, finishing more questions from a worksheet previously given in class

c) Past paper practice. Suitable ones are available on the MLE.

d) Redoing questions from past tests or homeworks that were not completed correctly

Students should use their exercise books where paper is required, marking the top of each piece of work ‘HW’ where the work has been set by the teacher or ‘PS’ (private study) where the work has been decided on by the student. ‘CW’ should be used to identify work done in class.

It is a good idea for students to keep a list in the back of their books of topics they feel they need to revise. This should be added to as they work in class, and ticked off as they revise.

Myimaths notes

The current school login is ‘wcgs’ and password ‘circle’. Each student is expected to know their personal login and password, which they should write in their contact book.

Any working out required should be done in the student’s exercise book with a heading of ‘Myimaths working’, together with the Myimaths title, and the date.

If the student experiences difficulties with Myimaths saving their homework scores, for example if they have difficulty getting the checkout to work, when each homework page is marked they should print the screen and copy it into a Word file and upload this to the MLE. If Myimaths shows ay set homework as incomplete, the teacher will issue a detention unless a student can prove otherwise that he has done it. If a student forgets his personal login details he can press the ‘do the HW for fun’ button and follow the above instructions.

A commendation will be given for each Myimaths of an appropriate level completed with a 100% score, whether set by the teacher or completed by the student as extra work. It is up to the student to claim their commendation by notifying their teacher when this has been done as extra work.

Appropriate minimum levels:

Y7: Level 5, Six Boosters

Y8: Level 6, Ds to Cs Booster pack

Y9: Level 7, Cs to Bs Booster pack

Y10: Level 8, A 2 A star Booster pack

Myimaths games, unless encountered as part of a lesson, and games from other websites, are not regarded as part of a student’s study time, unless specifically set by a maths teacher.


Exercise books will be marked twice per half term. Only homework will be marked, as students should mark their own classwork and ask the teacher at the time if they need help.

If there is a project or long investigation during a half term then this will be marked instead of the exercise book, although the feedback will usually be written in the book. If feedback is given on paper this should be stuck firmly in the exercise book.

Homework answers are usually called out in class for the students to mark, and then the students asked to comment on their work. This comment will be read by the teacher and often replied to, or requests acted on. Students should identify specific questions they require help on and regard the comment as an opportunity to have a dialogue with the teacher. KS4 students will find the numerical answers in the back of their textbook if that is where the homework was taken from. Full, neat working is expected for all questions and work submitted without adequate working will be returned to the student to be redone.


We do a number of topic tests and more substantial tests, usually followed by a self-assessment task. Students should stick their self-assessment sheets firmly in their exercise books and put the tests themselves in their assessment folder.

Textbook work:

All work from textbooks should be headed with the page and exercise number. Question numbers should be written clearly in the margin. Where the answers are not printed in the back of the book the teacher will call them out. Where they are, students are expected to check them periodically as they work. In either case students should clearly mark their solutions right or wrong and try to identify and correct errors in their working, asking the teacher for help if they need it.


Not all classwork and homework comes from textbooks. All worksheets, whether they are ones that the student writes on or just question sheets, should be firmly stuck into students exercise books close to the work that relates to them. Pockets at the back of an exercise are to be used as temporary storage only. Nothing should be left loose in an exercise book for more than a day.